About Me

Hi, I'm Julia, an 18 year-old vegan with a passion for plant-based nutrition and cooking.
My Journey to Health:

            In elementary school, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I would wake up and go to school without breakfast. For lunch I would buy chicken nuggets, pizza sticks, or a cheeseburger and fries from the cafeteria. When I got home from school, I would sit down in front of the TV with a huge platter of microwavable bagel bites or buffalo wings. 3 hours later I would eat dinner with my family. I never exercised or did anything that involved physical activity. As a result, I became chubby and overweight. When I was 9 years old, my doctor told me that I was overweight. She told me it was time that I take a blood test, so I did. When the results came back, everyone was shocked. "You have high cholesterol." said my mom as she got off the phone with the doctor. I panicked. At the time, I didn't know what that meant, but it sounded scary. As soon as my mom told me the news, I ran to the computer to find out more about high-cholesterol.

              I spent weeks researching about my health problem, and eventually came to a conclusion. I needed to lose weight and lower my cholesterol. I began to read labels and count calories. I started ordering salads and soups at school instead of the hot lunch. I started running and working out. Within a year, I lost 16 lbs and lowered my cholesterol significantly. By the time 5th grade came around, I was ready to start the new school year feeling confident and healthy. Unfortunately, in 6th grade I became lazy and stopped reading nutrition labels. I started to eat junk again. I thought that as long as I exercised, my diet wouldn't matter and I would stay in shape. Sadly, I was wrong. I gained weight, I got lazy, and I felt terrible. Once I realized how my diet affected my body, I was determined to be healthy again. In 7th grade, I became obsessed with reading labels and counting calories. Before I knew it, I had gone too far. I became too thin and frail. This wasn't healthy either. By 8th grade, I realized what I had done to myself, and that it was time to change. I started to eat more fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I continued to exercise and build muscle because I wanted to be fit.

              I started high school looking healthy and confident just like I had 4 years before, going into 5th grade. Except this time, I was going to stay healthy and fit. I joined the cross country and track team to learn how to compete in my favorite sport. Now a senior in high school, I finally found my happy medium. As a healthy vegan, I am proud to say that I have no health problems. I don't have high-cholesterol, I am not overweight or underweight, and I certainly don't count calories. Calories don't matter. It's the nutrients: the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants you get from your food that matter. Becoming a vegan is the best decision I have ever made for my body. I have never been as healthy and strong as I am right now.

If you want to read more about why I went vegan, click here: Why Vegan?


  1. Hi Julia!
    You are super inspiring. Can't wait to read your recipes!

  2. Julia- I am so proud of you! A beautiful , inspiring and information-packed website! Keep up the good work and continue to spread the word about how important being healthy and developing healthy habits and attitude towards foods is - especially to young people!!
    It was great to see you again and can't wait to follow up what's new at your next visit to our office!!
    Thank you , and best of luck on your road to a healthy future!!
    Keep flossing!
    xo your friendly hygienist,
    Carol at Dr Fang's!!

    1. Thank you so much, I won't forget!

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