Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vegan Sushi

I used to eat sushi once a week. 
The more I learned about it, the less I wanted to eat raw fish. At first, everyone was worried about mercury poisoning, then came the oil spill. Is eating fish really worth it? Probably not.
This brown rice vegan sushi is a great replacement. You can enjoy a healthy homemade dinner without worrying about salmonella or pesticide residue.
In this picture below, I made my sushi with most of the same ingredients, except I added chopped up beets to my brown rice and stirred to coat my rice with a nice pink color. Not only does it add a nice color, but the antioxidants from the beet juice are great as well! If you want to try it this way, I highly suggest it, it's really fun. 

 Ingredients (makes 4 rolls):
  • 2 cups organic brown rice (soaked overnight)
  • 1 avocado 
  • 4 sheets of sushi nori
  • 8oz of organic sprouted tofu 
  • 2 mini cucumbers 

Cook the soaked brown rice until it becomes sticky and soft. Let it cool while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. Thinly slice the tofu, cucumber, and avocado. Spread the brown rice on the sheet of nori, only covering 3/4 of the entire sheet. Place your ingredients in the center of the nori and roll up slowly. Dab a little bit of water on the edge of the nori and press down on the roll to seal. Cut into slices with a serrated knife. Serve with tamari and wasabi. Enjoy!


  1. LOVE your blog! Yum yum yum
    Modern Girl Nutrition

    1. I love your blog as well, Thanks for all the love!

  2. I can never get the brown rice sticky... How do you cook yours? I normally do 1 part brown rice 2 parts (plus a little) water. I normally use medium grain because that's the kind I can easiest afford. But it never works as sushi rice

    1. Try soaking it overnight and then cooking it according to directions. That should do the trick! :)

  3. Your recipes are amazing! I just started eating vegan and you gave me a lot of inspiration! I tried the sushi and they turned out really yummie!
    Thank you!!!

  4. You have an excellent blog, thanks for all of your hard work and cooking inspiration.